The Model 47 Social Good Awards


Are you an entrepreneur with a great business idea for social impact? You might be a member of the Model 47 community! We want to find, help and heromake 1,000 founders like you--profitable, diverse, and working to make our world a better place. We'll do everything in our power to help you succeed. 

We're pleased to invite all startups worldwide to entering the Model 47 Social Good Awards. You'll benefit from significant exposure to potential customers, corporate executives, partners and investors. 

What is Model 47?

There is this notion that successful startup founders all are the same. They dropped out of Stanford. They're rich, privileged, and live in Silicon Valley. They drink soylent and drive Teslas. 

But this notion is wrong. 

We set out to do a longitudinal usability study of founders in some of the more underserved parts of the world. We worked with 46 entrepreneurs in Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and the UK as they turned their ideas into successful business. We realized that a successful founder can be ANYWHERE in the world--and the more focused they are on ensuring societal impact, the more support and success they encountered. 

We documented this process in a memoir/business lessons in our recently published book Model 47: A Startup Storybook (which debuted at #1 on the Amazon Globalization list.) 

Now, we are looking to heromake more founders from all over the world. Founders like YOU. We are looking for underrepresented founders across all of the following categories to showcase as role models in their fields. 

The Awards

We will have one award for each of the following categories: 

  1. The Model 47 Gender Equality Award 
  2. The Model 47 Healthcare Innovation Award
  3. The Model 47 Financial Inclusion  Award 
  4. The Model 47 Environmental  Improvement Award
  5. The Model 47 Education Advancement  Award
  6. The Model 47 Poverty and Hunger  Eradication Award
  7. The Model 47 for Tech Innovation Award
  8. The Model 47 for Accessibility Innovation Award
  9. The Model 47 for Economic  Opportunity Award
  10. The Model 47 Agriculture  Innovation Award

The winners will be notified by August 1st and will receive a one-hour mentorship phone call with an expert in their field along with a physical engraved award. 

The award ceremony will be held in Seattle, Washington in mid-September to an audience of corporate executives, potential customers, partners and investors. 

Winners will be responsible for their own travel arrangements. 

How do I apply?

The Model 47 awards application process is open through July 1st at midnight PDT. All information is kept confidential. Winners will be notified by August 1, 2019. Share this with your network today!